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TOMAR Entertainment has traveled the world to film and perform some of the most amazing BASE jumping ever.

The result is "Beyond Extreme". We cross the boundaries of human endeavour to bring you the following:

  • loooonnnng freefalls from the worlds biggest cliffs.
  • world records for most jumpers, lowest openings, longest cliff surfs, etc.
  • low opening competitions - will our jumpers survive or will they die?
  • incredible aerobatic BASE skysurfing.
  • BASE jumping personalities, interviews, and short stories.
  • comedy jumps.
  • the dark side - cliff strikes, bad landings.
  • beautiful scenery AND beautiful women.
  • building, bridge, antenna, and cliff jumps.
  • Bird Men.
  • quarter second parachute rides, cutaways, tandems.
  • scenes from other extreme sports.
  • you name it, this video has it.

Don't miss this opportunity to get your hands on the most extreme BASE jumping video ever seen. There are hundreds of CRAZY jumps sharply and professionally edited into a 45 minute tape. Music is from Australian bands Diplomatic Immunity, The Living End and BodyJar from EMI Music Australia, and Drop Weight. Get ready for some hard pumping action.

Reviews + Comments

 Review by Skydiving Magazine - Robin Heid - Page 14, Issue#236, March 2001.

 Beyond Extreme wins Bridge Day 2000 Film Festival!!!!

 "Hey there Tom, thanks very much for an AWESOME video!! You guys are a bunch of crazy fuckers and one day I hope to do what you guys do. Hehehehe. The video is awesome I love it *THUMBS UP* you did a great job with the camera". - Peter H, Perth, Western Australia.

 "Great vid! Thanks heaps". - Daniel K, Canberra, Australia

 "Beyond Extreme - you've got me sold". - Troy H, California, USA.

 "Tom, I just received the video you shipped me. All I can say is that it is more amazing than I ever imagined. You did an awesome job putting it together, and jumping". - Tom M, USA.

 "Tom, I got my video Friday, good job. Even the non BASE footage was good, especially . . . . . Thanks again for all the hard work". - Steve S, USA.


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 BASE Skysurf Sample Video - .asf format - can be played using Media Player